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Treating Hand & Elbow Pain
with Osteopathy

Pain occurring in the hand can sometimes be relieved by the gentle manual treatment of osteopaths depending on the cause.

Osteoarthritis or wear and tear in the joints of the hand and the elbow may be the cause of your symptoms and may benefit from treatment and advice from an osteopath.

X-rays, scans and other tests are sometimes required to make a diagnosis and your osteopath may refer to your GP or a specialist for any additional investigations or treatment.

Why Choose NU Osteopathy?

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Norwich based Nigel Utton studied Osteopathy at Swansea University, receiving a first class degree with honours, specialising in the treatment of tension headaches and migraines
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After your first visit we'll come up with a suitable treatment plan unique to you; whether you need just one session or multiple visits, our goal will be your long term health
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We are conveniently located on Prince of Wales Road, in Norwich city centre. You can easily stop by during your normal visit, or take advantage of the nearby car park or local bus connections